Thunder Runs an Orthopedic Office

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Dear Mrs. Crosby,

I am happy to report that Thunder had a great day with my staff and I at the Colorado Center of Orthopedic Excellence.  I am the Practice Administrator (manage the entire practice) for four surgeons and 40 staff members located in Briargate (near Salsa Brava). 

Thunder making copies.

Thunder making copies.

Thunder running the office.

Thunder running the office.

Thunder recovering.

Thunder recovering.

Our surgeons and staff treat people who are hurt so they can feel better.  We see 40-50 people a day, and we work with the Olympic Training Center to help athletes get better after they get injured.  If we did not exist, many of our community members would not be able to go to work or enjoy their daily activities with their families.  

I attached some pictures of Thunder at our office.  My staff has to practice putting casts on people, and Thunder volunteered to have casts put on his legs.  Don’t worry – the casts just pull off!  I am happy to report that Thunder was an excellent patient, and I would love to have him work with us in making people feel better.

I wanted to share some of our office items with your class, so you’ll find 26 rubber hockey pucks in a bag for you to provide your children.


Karen Talone

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