Thunder Works in Special Forces

Posted on Sunday, March 10th, 2013 at 9:32 pm

Hello Everyone,

It’s Thunder and after a little rest I am ready to file some reports again. Recently I went to work with Mr. Hollingsworth, Tate’s dad. He has a very interesting job with the US Army.

Thunder: What is your job?
Officer. H: I am a Special Forces Officer in the United States Army.

Thunder checking out military transportation.

Thunder checking out military transportation.

Thunder: What do you do in this position?
Officer. H: I provide a service to all citizens by defending the Constitution of the United States.

Thunder: Where is your job located?
Officer. H: I am stationed at Fort Carson (approximately 25 miles south of DCC), but I perform my job all over the world.

Thunder: What would happen if your job did not exist?
Officer. H: I am not sure how the freedoms in our community would look like, if my job did not exist.

Thunder: How do you interact with our community?
Officer: H: Since I have been performing my job, I have been deployed all over the US for training, Kuwait, Africa, Afghanistan (numerous times), Iraq and just got back from a trip to Germany.

I have a tough job and sacrifice greatly, but the entire family sacrifices as well.  Without them, I could not do my job.

I never realized just how many different jobs our military has until I started working for Mrs. Crosby reporting on our community. Every year I seem to come across a new job, like I did with Tate’s dad today. With each military job I learn about, the more I appreciate all they do.

Until next time,

Thunder T. Bear



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