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Posted on Sunday, March 10th, 2013 at 10:49 pm

Hello everyone. This week I spent some quality time with the Edgin family. With all of our snow days, I got to meet everyone in the family and intern with Lauren’s dad. It was great!

What is your job? Genworth Financial

Mr. Edgin takes some time out to visit with Lauren and Lightning

Mr. Edgin takes some time out to visit with Lauren and Lightning

Do you provide a service or good? I provide mortgage insurance to local, regional, and national banks and credit unions. Mortgage insurance is like auto or home insurance. It is a small slice of the big pie of different insurances available, but very important. We help people get into homes and keep them there, and we offer protection to the mortgage lender. Insurance is a good.

Is your job located in the city, suburb, or rural community? I work from home. Depending on where the bank or credit union is located I travel in my car throughout the state of Colorado and Wyoming to visit my accounts in cities, suburbs, and rural communities. Most of my work is done in the city of Colorado Springs and Denver. I am given a company car to  travel and my company pays for my car mileage, gas, cell phone, laptop computer, and other expenses that I have while working at home. I have a lot of flexibility to create my schedule during the day and I come and go as needed from my home office to build my business and develop important relationships.

Mr. Edgin speaks with a client.

Mr. Edgin speaks with a client.

How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties? I like to personally visit my accounts in person. I usually meet them for a meeting in their locations and conduct training.  I like to have lunch and dinner meetings which are great ways to discuss business while developing relationships. I also attend National Trade Conventions where we discuss and are informed of new products and market trends within the Mortgage Industry. I also spend a lot of time on the phone talking with individuals and having conference calls with other coworkers from all over the nation.

How does your job support our community? We help families and individuals feel good about buying a home. Home buyers create a safe and healthy community to live in especially in a market that is hard for families and individuals to get by in. Our company also reaches out to the community through our Reach Out Helping Hands program and participate in many service projects around the nation throughout the year. For several years, I have been able to volunteer my time in programs such as the Special Olympics and reconstructing new homes for families in poverty. I have always loved participating in these service projects that help the community. It makes me feel really good.

What would happen if your job did not exist in our community? I think there would many individuals and families that would not be able to benefit from the privilege of home ownership.

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