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Posted on Saturday, February 1st, 2014 at 8:24 pm

Hello everyone!

It’s Thunder, and I’m back with another interesting job from our community. I have spent the last few days with Nick and his mother’s home-based business, Dream Lake Designs. It was really cool to see a business work so well out of someone’s home. Mrs. Martinez even made me a new hat so that I can stay warm this winter! I was so tired from all of the work I did, Mrs. Martinez files my report for me. I hope you learn a lot from it.

See you soon!

Thunder T. Bear



Thunder T. Bear was a great help in my business. We even had some time to make Thunder his own hat since it has been so cold.

I am the owner of Dream Lake Designs, we make promotional and personalized products for customers. Promotional products are purchased by

Step 1

Step 1

companies to help advertise their business. Personalized products are items that a customer can put their own design or name on a product. We create products with an embroidery and sublimation.

Step 1:  – see picture
First we have to design the product our customer wants.  Thunder did a wonderful job on designing Briargate Preschool Bumble Bee Shirts.  We use 2 different programs to design items to be embroidery and sublimated.

Step 2 see picture
Order Product
The customer approved the design so we had to order the clothes that we were going to put the Briargate Bumble Bee Design on.  This always takes a lot time because we have to make sure we don’t forget to purchase any shirts.   I was glad Thunder was here to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Step 3: — see picture

Step 2

Step 2

My Embroidery Machine has 16 needle and can do up to 1600 stitches per minute. Since it is so loud and running fast, Thunder and I agreed that we had to turn the speed down. Thunder found the colors that would work best for the Bumble Bee.

Sublimation – See Picture
I printed out the hat design and the first thing he told me was “it is backwards”.  I was happy that he was paying very close attention. Then I explained to him that when it prints out on the paper it is backwards, but when we press it onto the shirt it is the correct way. I have to make sure that Thunder didn’t get too close to the heat press because it was set for 400 degrees and he could have really hurt himself.  Then I had to sew his hat together and make sure there were holes for his ears.

Good or Service:
We provide both a service and goods.  Service when a customer brings me a blank item for me to decorate.  Goods when I purchase the blank item and put the design on it.  Sometimes this really gets confusing.

Nicolas is lucky because he gets to see the items I create since I work out of our suburban home.  And he also gets to create his own design, like his coffee mug from Christmas.

Step 3

Step 3

I help our school community by doing fundraisers. We created Thunder and his sister, Cloud, to help raise money for new playground equipment. If we didn’t help our school community we would have less money for the playground.

Thunder was a huge help today and had a lot of fun. I think he would be a great designer. I might need to call on him sometimes when I need help with designs and picking out the right thread colors..

Take Care,

Mrs. Martinez

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