Lightning the Teaching Assistant

Posted on Saturday, February 1st, 2014 at 8:48 pm

Hello Cool Cats,


Lightning learns the typing program.

Lightning learns the typing program.

It’s Lightning. I’m here with a report from Mr. Pacione, right upstairs from our class, and Mrs. Pacione in our high school. They told me you visited them on Halloween so you should remember who they are.

I was a teacher’s assistant for Mr. and Mrs. Pacione.  Mr. Pacione teaches Computer Technology in the Middle School and Mrs. Pacione teaches English in the High School.  I was able to help them around the classroom, and I even got to type on Typing Pal and grade some writing papers that Mrs. Pacione’s students turned in.  I provided

Lightning grades papers

Lightning grades papers

services to the students, rather than providing a product.  My job was located right here at this school!  It was neat to see the older students, and where you would be when you grow up!  I interacted with other students from our community and it supports the community by teaching younger students and raising them to be good citizens.  If my job didn’t exist, kids wouldn’t learn like they do now and sc

hools wouldn’t be around either!  I had a lot of fun helping Mr. and Mrs. Pacione teach students!  I want to be a teacher now when I get out of my internship.


Talk to you soon,

Lightning T. Bear

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