Thunder Works at the VA Hospital in Denver

Posted on Saturday, February 1st, 2014 at 7:56 pm
Hello everyone,
It’s Thunder and I’m back with another very interested day interning with Brendan’s dad. Here is a bit about my day with Dr. Moss.
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Mrs. Crosby and class,

Thunder spent the day with me, I’m Phil Moss, Brendan’s dad.  I am a doctor of physical therapy at the Denver VA hospital and I provide the

Thunder working with Mr. Moss in his office.

Thunder working with Mr. Moss in his office.

service of restoring basic functional mobility required for patients to go home as a first step from the  hospital.  The hospital is located almost in the shadow of the Denver skyline, so very urban.  I have a lot of both verbal communication and physical contact with patients in finding out about their living situations and getting their current mobility status to match those living situations.  I have a lot of verbal communication with other staff members in the hospital and with patients’ family members as well.  My job supports the community by returning people home to family roles and in many cases back to their work roles as well.  Without my job, people would return to their roles much more slowly and perhaps not even at all if they had significant rehabilitation needs.  I was not able to include a picture of Thunder working with one of my patients due to privacy laws, but he did learn how to review the chart of a patient I was consulted to see. 

Best regards,


Phil Moss, DPT

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