Thunder Learns What A General Manager Does

Posted on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 at 11:27 am

Hello Everyone,

Today I spent the day with Jaxon’s dad Jason Oringer. Jason is the General Manager of Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers. Rocky Mountain is a car

Thunder on the phone.

Thunder on the phone.

dealership in the Powers Auto Park.

Jason’s job is to oversee the daily operations of the dealership. He is responsible for over 200 cars, 11 salesmen, 3 sales managers, 2 finance managers, advertising as well as flying around the country to buy cars to sell to the people of Colorado Springs. Jason spends a good part of his day making sure his salesmen help the customers buy a car that they not only love but can afford.

If Jason’s job did not exist there would be no one to run the store, train the staff or buy cars to sell to the people. I guess you could say if Jason just decided not go to work It would be like all the students going to school and when they got to school there were no teachers, principal or staff to teach the students. I am pretty sure there would be lots of chatting and playing but not very much learning. What do you boys and girls think would happen if there were no cars for people to buy, how would everyone get around?

Well it has been a long day and I had a great time, I even got to drive a brand new car today. Here is a picture of me on the phone with a customer helping them with questions about a new car.


Thunder T. Bear

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