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Lightning Goes to the 3rdSpace Operations Squadron

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Today I got to intern with Katelyn’s daddy, Technical Sergeant Rob Henneman. He’s in the Air Force and he flies satellites in space. We started our day at the gym this morning. People in the Air Force exercise a lot! I tried lots of different things. After the gym I got to see where they fly satellites. They use the same kind of computers you have in your Technology discovery. I was kind of sad that they wouldn’t let me take any pictures but Mr. Henneman said that it was classified. I got to meet lots of very nice Airmen and I even got to help write a report. 
What is your job?  I am a Technical Sergeant and Flight Chief at the 3rdSpace Operations Squadron at Schriever Air Force Base.

Do you provide goods or a service? I provide a service. My unit provides
Satellite Communications to our military around the whole world. Our
satellites let us use phones to talk to each other on the other side of the
world. They even give the internet to our troops out in the middle of the
ocean or the desert.


Is your job located in the city, suburbs, or rural community? Schriever Air
Force Base is waaay out East, far from the city. And the Satellites that we
control from there are 22,000 miles away from Earth in outer space.

How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties?
We talk with people all over the world, from Colorado to England, Japan, and
even the Indian Ocean to make sure our satellites are working properly. Here
in Colorado we have a BIG antenna that we can use to talk to our satellites
out in space.

How does your joDSC_2076b support our community? The military uses our satellites to talk to each other in order to protect us here in America from bad guys that want to hurt us. We also like to help our community by volunteering. I like to volunteer at my church.

What would happen if your job didn’t exist in our community? If the military didn’t have our satellites, we would only be able to talk to each other with walkie talkies (which don’t work very far away). And our Airmen, Soldiers, Seamen, and Marines would not be able to talk to their families when they have to go far away from home.

What a great day! I can’t wait for my next assignment.

Lightning T. Bear

Lightning Learns About Car Repairs with Ding Magic

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Mrs. Crosby,
Because my paws are so big, I’m going to let Mrs. Smith type this.  I accidentally sent the message before I was done.
Lightning looks at the services provided by Ding Magic.

Lightning looks at the services provided by Ding Magic.

Anyway, check out their website at  It was really fun/and stressful to be a business owner.  They do provide services for car repair.  Karina’s dad does paintless dent repair on cars.  Remember that big hail storm at the beginning of the school year?  Mr. Smith repairs the cars that we dinged up from the hail stones.  Their shop is located just off Voyager, kind of by the New Life Church.

They interact with other members of the community by offering car repair.  They also work with different people regarding advertising, banking, security, and their employees. 
Their job supports our community because they are located so close and people don’t have to go to a shop in town to get their car fixed.  If their shop didn’t exist in our community, people would have to go into town and find a shop to fix their cars. 
Ding Magic is even a corporate sponsor for DCC athletics!!  They have a banner up in the high school gym.  Make sure you show your parents next time you are there.
There is a lot of things that Mr. and Mrs. Smith do, but it will have to be included in a different report.

Thunder Learns About Compassion International

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Hello Cool Cats!

Thunder spent the day with me at Compassion International.  Compassion is a large not-for-profit organization whose mission is to release children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.  Compassion provides services that help more than 1.2 million children in 26 countries.  The countries where Compassion provides services are often defined as developing countries and they are generally nations with a lower living standard, underdeveloped industrial base, and low Human Development Index relative to other countries.

Thunder at Compassion

Thunder at Compassion

My job title is Enterprise Architecture Director – that’s a fancy title for someone who is responsible for helping analyze business processes and ensuring that information is collected that helps us accomplish our mission.  I work in the suburbs and my office is very close to DCC.  While my job is focused on supporting children who live all around the world, it also requires that I work with people in our local community.  One of the most important things that our local community provides is high quality education.   At DCC, you are contributing to the education of children that will grow into adults, replace me, and do new things to help provide a quality education for children all around the world.

Please thank Thunder for visiting with me today.  It was nice to have a fuzzy friend work with me today.

I’ve attached a photo of Thunder next to one of the many pictures we have in our office.


Brian Houghtaling

Dr. Thunder T. Bear

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My job this past week was a service job, and I interned as a dentist at Briargate Dental Center.  I also was a patient, and had an exam from Dr. Baumgardner.
My job is in the city of Colorado Springs; I have patients from the city, suburbs, and the rural community.  I interact with patients from all over the community, helping them to maintain a clean mouth.  If they have any problems (like a cavity, a cracked tooth, or tooth pain), I help them out.  If they need any additional services, I will refer them to a dental specialist.  For example, if they need braces, they would go see an orthodontist; if they have issues with their gums, they would go to a periodontist; if they need surgery on or in their mouth, they will see an oral surgeon; if a patient has problems with the roots of their teeth, they would go see an endodontist.
There are several hygienists at Briargate Dental Center, and they are the ones who clean teeth and take x-rays of your teeth.  An assistant helps Dr. Baumgardner when he is working on a patients teeth.  The assistant helps clean the dental tools, hand Dr. Baumgardner tooth instruments (tools), and explain to the patients what type of work they need or are going to have.
If dentists did not exist in our community, most people would have terrible teeth, and may have lots of pain.  It is so important to take care of your teeth at home – brush and floss twice a day – and it is also important to visit the dentist for a cleaning and check up, two times a year.  A dentist can make sure your teeth and mouth are healthy, which is necessary to make sure you whole body is healthy!

Lightning Learns About Competitiveness Management

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 20140226_074421[1]Lightning came to work with me today. We worked on many spreadsheets and presentations. I showed him what a Competitiveness Manager does at ISS Facility Management Services does. We provide services to our customers. Our largest US customer is Hewlett Packard. Although I work from home most of the time, I do go into the local HP site and I sometimes travel to our US home office in San Antonio, TX. The actual home office is in Copenhagen, Denmark. I frequently work with other people to help improve their efficiencies and reduce their spending. We provide services that keep the HP buildings functioning by performing facility maintenance20140226_074407[1], janitorial services, office services, and landscaping. If my job did not exist, my company would continue to overspend money and would not be able to keep as many people employed. Lightening and I actually both attended an online meeting with people in California, Oregon, San Antonio, and, of course, here in Colorado. Several people stopped by the work station I was working at to ask about Lightening.
Thank you for letting Lightening share the day with me!

Julie Rowe

Lightning Spends the Day atFirst Baptist Church Black Forest

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Hello Cool Cats!

This week I spe20140219_092715nt some time with Lauryn’s mom, Mrs. Carlos, at her job. Here is a little about what she does.


She is a Ministry Assistant/front office at First Baptist Church Black Forest.

She provides a service.

The church is lo20140219_153014cated in a rural community – serving all of CS.

She helps with planning and organizing events/prayer needs/ children and youth activities/church administration functions, etc.

The church helps the community by meeting their spiritual needs.


20140219_152910I’m off to my next assignment!


Thunder Interns as an Endodontist

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Hello Mrs. Crosby –

Thank you for sending Thunder to intern at my office.  Thunder did a great job, and we would love to have him back. We would love to offer him a job, but he has to finish some scholastic requirements before he can become an Endodontist in our office 🙂 I know the kids are excited to hear about his experience, so here are the answers to your questions:
Learning about teeth.

Learning about teeth.


What is your job?
I am an Endodontist.  Endodontists, also known as “root canal specialists” are dentists who receive additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of the dental pulp (which is the soft tissue inside the tooth) and peri-apical tissues (which includes the periodontal ligament and the bone around the tip of the root of the tooth).  The most common procedure that we perform is root canal therapy.  Because we are working in very small spaces inside the tooth, we use a special operating microscope so that we can see inside the tooth.
Do you provide goods or a service?
We provide a service, in the health care industry.
Is your job located in the city, suburbs or rural community?
We are located in the city.  Although dentists are needed by people in all of these different communities, dental specialists such as Endodontists are typically located in large population centers like cities and suburbs.
How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties?
Endodontists are available to take care of people in the community who develop a bad toothache or infection in their mouth.  If your family dentist determines that you have a particularly severe infection or a very complicated tooth, they will recommend that you have treatment performed by an Endodontist who has special training, equipment and experience to make sure that your tooth heals properly.  Also, Endodontists spend time interacting with other dentists in the community to educate them and keep them updated on modern developments in the diagnosis and treatment of root canal related problems.  
Thunder at the office.

Thunder at the office.

How does your job support our community?
My job helps to make sure all of the people in the community have healthy teeth.  A healthy mouth is a very important component of your overall health.  Think about all the things you do with your mouth….Smile, talk, breathe, eat! It is important to keep your mouth healthy so you can continue to do all these things throughout your life.  Also, we are the educators to other dentists in the Endodontic specialty area.  Therefore, we keep all of the dentists in our community current on advancements in technology and treatment in the field of Endodontics.

What would happen if your job did not exist in our community?
If my job did not exist, people who develop a toothache would not be able to save their teeth.  Rather, the tooth would have to be pulled, or “extracted”.  Our first President, George Washington, lived during a time when there were no Endodontists.  Unfortunately, he had many bad teeth, and all of them had to be pulled.  He had to wear wooden false teeth, or “dentures”.  Maybe that is why you don’t see Mr. Washington smiling in any pictures?


Thank you again for the opportunity to host Thunder bear in my office.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.  The attached pictures show Thunder using the surgical operating microscope in our office.  I hope you have a great day!
Ryan Jack, DDS, MS

Lightning Leads Sales and Service at Progressive

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Hello Cool Cats!

It’s Lightning. I just spent some time with Mrs. Ransom. It was so interesting! I interviewed here throughout the day…here is a little from our conversation.


Taking a conference call.

Taking a conference call.

Lightning working in Mrs. Ransom's office at Progressive.

Lightning working in Mrs. Ransom’s office at Progressive.

I am a manager at Progressive Insurance. I lead a Sales and Service unit and all the Sales New Hires. I’m responsible for 95 Customer Service Reps and 5 Supervisors. Today Lightning will help me by attending a conference call in which we will talk about how to better train our new hires. She will also go to a meeting that will talk about how to better help our Supervisors that lead New Hires. I also just restructured my unit, so she’ll help me with some communication. Change is hard, even for adults, so they might appreciate getting a hug from her.

·         I help people that sell and service auto insurance do their job effectively. They provide a service by helping people insure their property. Insurance is important because things like cars and motorcycles and boats and houses cost a lot of money, and insurance will help you with money if something bad happens to any of that property.

·         My job is located in the city, in fact I’m just down the street from DCC.  Sometimes my job is in other cities, so I travel a lot. In the last year, I’ve been to Phoenix, Cleveland, and Austin to do my job.

·         My community interactions are primarily with the supervisors. I help them to be effective leaders so they can help their teams to be effective in their jobs and careers. Sometimes I participate in job fairs and interview people who want to work here.

·         My job supports the community by ensuring that customers and potential customers receive excellent service when they call Progressive. Progressive also provides community support by conducting fundraisers, community service, and matching employee donations. One time I even helped build a playground at an elementary school that wouldn’t have otherwise had one!

Lightning enjoys a well-deserved coffee break.

Lightning enjoys a well-deserved coffee break.

·         Insurance is a pretty important thing. If it wasn’t around, people wouldn’t have money to replace their cars or motorcycles if they were stolen or in an accident. They wouldn’t be able to get their medical bills paid if they were hurt. They might also get in big trouble because insurance in required in every state!


Well, I’m going to get some rest. I have another very busy day tomorrow with another DCC family.

See you soon,




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