Lightning Goes to the 3rdSpace Operations Squadron

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 8:27 pm
Today I got to intern with Katelyn’s daddy, Technical Sergeant Rob Henneman. He’s in the Air Force and he flies satellites in space. We started our day at the gym this morning. People in the Air Force exercise a lot! I tried lots of different things. After the gym I got to see where they fly satellites. They use the same kind of computers you have in your Technology discovery. I was kind of sad that they wouldn’t let me take any pictures but Mr. Henneman said that it was classified. I got to meet lots of very nice Airmen and I even got to help write a report. 
What is your job?  I am a Technical Sergeant and Flight Chief at the 3rdSpace Operations Squadron at Schriever Air Force Base.

Do you provide goods or a service? I provide a service. My unit provides
Satellite Communications to our military around the whole world. Our
satellites let us use phones to talk to each other on the other side of the
world. They even give the internet to our troops out in the middle of the
ocean or the desert.


Is your job located in the city, suburbs, or rural community? Schriever Air
Force Base is waaay out East, far from the city. And the Satellites that we
control from there are 22,000 miles away from Earth in outer space.

How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties?
We talk with people all over the world, from Colorado to England, Japan, and
even the Indian Ocean to make sure our satellites are working properly. Here
in Colorado we have a BIG antenna that we can use to talk to our satellites
out in space.

How does your joDSC_2076b support our community? The military uses our satellites to talk to each other in order to protect us here in America from bad guys that want to hurt us. We also like to help our community by volunteering. I like to volunteer at my church.

What would happen if your job didn’t exist in our community? If the military didn’t have our satellites, we would only be able to talk to each other with walkie talkies (which don’t work very far away). And our Airmen, Soldiers, Seamen, and Marines would not be able to talk to their families when they have to go far away from home.

What a great day! I can’t wait for my next assignment.

Lightning T. Bear

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