Lightning Leads Sales and Service at Progressive

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 7:06 pm

Hello Cool Cats!

It’s Lightning. I just spent some time with Mrs. Ransom. It was so interesting! I interviewed here throughout the day…here is a little from our conversation.


Taking a conference call.

Taking a conference call.

Lightning working in Mrs. Ransom's office at Progressive.

Lightning working in Mrs. Ransom’s office at Progressive.

I am a manager at Progressive Insurance. I lead a Sales and Service unit and all the Sales New Hires. I’m responsible for 95 Customer Service Reps and 5 Supervisors. Today Lightning will help me by attending a conference call in which we will talk about how to better train our new hires. She will also go to a meeting that will talk about how to better help our Supervisors that lead New Hires. I also just restructured my unit, so she’ll help me with some communication. Change is hard, even for adults, so they might appreciate getting a hug from her.

·         I help people that sell and service auto insurance do their job effectively. They provide a service by helping people insure their property. Insurance is important because things like cars and motorcycles and boats and houses cost a lot of money, and insurance will help you with money if something bad happens to any of that property.

·         My job is located in the city, in fact I’m just down the street from DCC.  Sometimes my job is in other cities, so I travel a lot. In the last year, I’ve been to Phoenix, Cleveland, and Austin to do my job.

·         My community interactions are primarily with the supervisors. I help them to be effective leaders so they can help their teams to be effective in their jobs and careers. Sometimes I participate in job fairs and interview people who want to work here.

·         My job supports the community by ensuring that customers and potential customers receive excellent service when they call Progressive. Progressive also provides community support by conducting fundraisers, community service, and matching employee donations. One time I even helped build a playground at an elementary school that wouldn’t have otherwise had one!

Lightning enjoys a well-deserved coffee break.

Lightning enjoys a well-deserved coffee break.

·         Insurance is a pretty important thing. If it wasn’t around, people wouldn’t have money to replace their cars or motorcycles if they were stolen or in an accident. They wouldn’t be able to get their medical bills paid if they were hurt. They might also get in big trouble because insurance in required in every state!


Well, I’m going to get some rest. I have another very busy day tomorrow with another DCC family.

See you soon,



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