Lightning Learns About Car Repairs with Ding Magic

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 8:20 pm
Mrs. Crosby,
Because my paws are so big, I’m going to let Mrs. Smith type this.  I accidentally sent the message before I was done.
Lightning looks at the services provided by Ding Magic.

Lightning looks at the services provided by Ding Magic.

Anyway, check out their website at  It was really fun/and stressful to be a business owner.  They do provide services for car repair.  Karina’s dad does paintless dent repair on cars.  Remember that big hail storm at the beginning of the school year?  Mr. Smith repairs the cars that we dinged up from the hail stones.  Their shop is located just off Voyager, kind of by the New Life Church.

They interact with other members of the community by offering car repair.  They also work with different people regarding advertising, banking, security, and their employees. 
Their job supports our community because they are located so close and people don’t have to go to a shop in town to get their car fixed.  If their shop didn’t exist in our community, people would have to go into town and find a shop to fix their cars. 
Ding Magic is even a corporate sponsor for DCC athletics!!  They have a banner up in the high school gym.  Make sure you show your parents next time you are there.
There is a lot of things that Mr. and Mrs. Smith do, but it will have to be included in a different report.
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