Thunder Interns at Lockheed Martin

Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 at 6:54 pm

Hello Cool Cats!

Thunder at Lockheed Martin

Thunder at Lockheed Martin

Baer asked me to take Thunder to work and take some pictures with him.  So, here’s the set of pictures with Thunder.  Since I was the picture taker, there are no pictures with me.

You’ll see pictures of Thunder with my boss, my admin, co-workers, the “cube country” where my team sits and in my office.  As a Program Manager at Lockheed Martin, when Lockheed Martin signs a contract with a customer, I’m responsible for execution of that contract to deliver the goods and/or services over a specific period of time within a given budget of money.  I’m responsible for communicating with the customer, managing their expectations and ensuring my team’s work will meet the terms and timeline of the contract.

Thank you,
Mr. Bergmier and Thunder

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