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Lightning Teaches PE

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Hello Cool Cats!

Lighting Teaches PE

Lighting Teaches PE

I interned with Mr. Miner at Howbert Elemntary School.  He is a PE Teacher.  The school is located near Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. He gets to teach students all sorts of fun activities that help keep us healthy for a lifetime.  His job, along with all teachers is a very important one.  He helps teach us to be smart productive members of our community.  If his job did not exist, children would not know about how their bodies work and what we needed to do to stay healthy as we get older.

Until next time,

Lightning T. Bear

Lightning Learns About Billboards

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Lightning working with Taylor’s mom.

Hello Cool Cats!

I went to work with Taylor McCann’s mom today at Outfront Media. It is a billboard company that has billboards and outdoor advertising panels worldwide! Taylor’s mom sells the advertising space on these billboards to local companies (such as the Broadmoor, the Air Force Academy, Cliff Dwellings Museum) as well as national brands (such as Pepsi, Toyota, and Geico). Taylor’s mom works from home, but sometimes has to go into the office in Denver. She is on the phone a lot with people interested in advertising, and she emails proposals out all day long. She sells billboards all over Colorado (and also sells into other markets like LA and New York) so she has to travel sometimes. By providing and avenue for advertising, local business can promote themselves and get residents in their doors or buying their products. Taylor’s mom also helps make sure that the advertising messages are “in good taste” and in good condition, so that the billboards don’t make our community look junky. I enjoyed my day selling billboards and got lots of attention and love at the McCann house. I look forward to returning to DCC tomorrow and going on a new adventure!

See you soon,


Lightning Spends the Day at a Sports Facility

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We were happy to have Lightning with us this weekend at the Colorado Sports Center!Sherman_Lightning
We own and operate the facility.

The Colorado Sports and Events Center is Southern Colorado’s premier facility for sports and entertainment.  We offer multiple sporting activities in two separate buildings – an NHL sized ice rink and a NEW second (200 Ft X 85 Ft) Ice rink as well as 365 Performance, a sports specific training facility. The Colorado Sports and Events Center is located in Monument, Colorado just north of Colorado Springs and only 20 minutes from Castle Rock.

    Colorado Sports and Events Center

    16240 Old Denver Hwy.

    Monument, CO 80132

Mission Statement

To provide the Front Range Community with exceptional, year-round, multi-sport programs and services to enhance competitive performance, fitness and quality of life.

  About Us

The Colorado Sports Center was founded in 2006, filling the void left by the closure of the ice rink housed in the Chapel Hills mall.  The founders sought to accommodate the local interest in on-ice sports in our community and provide a new source of family-friendly entertainment.  CSC is the proud home to many organizations which positively impact our community through sport. We also work diligently to provide all levels of play at all ages in the sports we offer, from Learn-to-Play programs to elite training programs for experienced athletes.  CSC facilities provide Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Curling, Broomball, Public Skating, Birthday Parties, as well as group and corporate events, strength and agility training, church & school fundraisers, team building and more.

Lightning Helps Teach Literacy

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Hello Cool Cats,

Lightning was an excellent intern for Miranda’s mom, who has the super-fun job of teaching kids to read at their homes and the public libraries.



Their first student’s family was stuck in traffic, so Lightning and Miranda’s mom passed the time soaking in some sun on the porch.  Then Lightning started reading Polar Bears at Bedtime.  

Next, they headed to the library to read with kids there.  Lightning wanted to read some stories about cold weather animals.  She thought the book about penguins was the most interesting.  Here are some fun facts that Lightning learned about penguins:

  • All penguins live between the equator and the South Pole.
  • They spend most of their lives IN water, with the rest of their time spent on islands, coasts and even icebergs.
  • They can swim about 15 mph.
  • When on land, penguins live in large colonies with thousands or even millions of other penguins.
  • Mother and father penguins take turns keeping their eggs warm.

Lightning also wanted to share a joke she learned about penguins:  What is a penguin’s favorite food?  An ice burger!

After reading time at the library was finished, Lightning picked out a pack of gum she would chew back in Mrs. Crosby’s class.  

Then, it was time for Miranda to be picked up from ballet class.  Lightning and Miranda enjoyed telling each other about their evenings.

Our family was happy to host Lightning at our home.  She is a great teaching assistant and an even better friend! Thank you to Mrs. Crosby for being such a good mentor!

Thunder Learns What a Microchip Architect Does

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Hello Cool Cats,

Today I spent the day with Zac T.’s dad. I learned a lot about that tiny little chip inside of computers! It was very interesting. He answered our questions below:

Thunder at work with Mr. Tabor.

Thunder at work with Mr. Tabor.

1.  I am a microchip architect.  Microchips are the parts inside computers that make them work, and I supervise a team of engineers that design microchips.

2.  My company provides microchips to companies that build special computers that make the internet work.

3.  My job is located in Colorado Springs, although I also work from home often and sometimes travel to other cities as part of my job.

4.  I talk with people that work for other companies that buy our microchips.  Those other companies are our customers.

5.  The company I work for supports our community by providing jobs for about 25 people.

6.  If my job did not exist in our community, my family would have to move to a different city.

See you after my next job!
Thunder T. Bear

Lightning Student Teaches at DCC

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Dear Cool Cats,

Lightning went to work with me today and I am a 7th grade science teacher at DCC Middle School. We

Lightning spends the day in middle school.

Lightning spends the day in middle school.

started the morning watching CNN student news and then in science we graded edible cell projects and played games on the cell cycle that the students created. We had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

In my job I provide a service for the community to educate our kids. I interact with the community by emails to parents and through my class website. I also interact with the community by coaching middle school volleyball. My job supports our community by making sure our children are well rounded, organized and respectful individuals. If my job did not exist in our community the children of the future would not have an education to carry them forward into adulthood.

See you soon,

Mrs.McReynolds and Lightning

Thunder Observes the Sciences and the Arts

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Hello everyone,
It’s me again. This time I was able to see two of our parents working at the same time, as they both work out of their homes! Read my report below to see what Luke’s parents do in our community.

Thunder with the Luke's family.

Thunder with Luke’s family.

Luke’s dad, Dr. Jack Wetterer, has had a fun career as an astrophysicist both teaching and researching how the universe works. Right now he works at home as a scientist studying satellites . He interacts with other members of his company and customers via e-mail, telephone conferences, and occasional trips to Hawaii where his company is located. Outside his office is a deck where he can set up his telescope that he’s had since he was a boy. He showed me how the telescope works.

Luke’s mom, Connie Wetterer, is mainly an at-home mom, which she loves. She’s a published artist and writer and also does ministry work. She showed me her home art studio. She believes that artists are the guardians of what is beautiful in our world and wants to inspire creativity in everyone. She showed me a book she’s writing and illustrating from the stories her dad shared about his World War experiences.

Signing off,

Lightning Learns About the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Battle Lab

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Hello everyone! Today I spent time working with Andi’s dad, Mr. Cooper. I think everyone remembers meeting him when he came to speak to us on Veteran’s Day. I learned a lot about his job. Here are some notes from my report:

Lightning, my name is Preston Cooper and I’m Andromeda’s dad.  I used to operate satellites when I was an officer in the Air Force, but for the last 10 years I’ve been supporting the Army’s Joint Friendly Force Tracking division.  Our small company, Ingenuity Research Corporation, helps design and deploy systems that process reports from small devices with GPS (Global Positioning System) chips in them.  These reports come from many thousands of devices around the world and help tell our military commanders where their troops are.

My current job is to test tracking devices and make sure that they operate as intended.   To do this we use devices with lots of wires, computer servers running websites, and “ruggedized” laptop computers like those that our troops will use when they are deployed.  We make sure that all of these systems work together so our soldiers can be as safe and effective in fighting the battle as possible.

I am so tired. I need a nap! I will be in touch soon as my internships take me off to another great job!

Thunder Learns About Radiology

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What an exciting day I had today! Check out my report from Mr. Ramsay…

Boys and girls…I work for a radiology company called Envision Radiology.  Envision Radiology helps people figure out what has been causing problems in their body.  If you’ve ever had a broken bone, you know what I mean.  We can scan the part of your body that hurts and tell you if it’s broken.  We make pictures that look like skeletons and can see little lines that tell us if you need a cast.  Last week I scanned Brecken Ramsay and found a small alligator in his belly…that’s right, Brecken ate an alligator.  Not just any ordinary alligator.  This alligator was mean and trying to get mom and Brecken saved her by eating it.  It’s true and I have the x-ray to prove it.

Envision Radiology has 33 offices in 4 states (Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana).  I am a CPA and oversee all the numbers.   If you think you want to be a CPA, you need to tell the teacher what 4 X 4 is.  If you can answer that question, you may be a good candidate.  CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant.  CPA is my day job, but at night, I go to the lab and create super hero’s.  Awhile back I was in the lab and put some radiology liquid (contrast) on my arm and got inside an MRI machine.  My arm became very strong because an MRI is made out of magnets.  Now I have the strongest arm in the world and can crush iron.  My super hero friends call me crusher.  We sneak out at night and keep the city safe.  Shh, don’t tell Brecken, he doesn’t know.

Well boys and girls, have a great day.  Find your passion in life and do it.  My hope for you is that you find great joy and peace in your career and you enjoy going to work every day.  Remember, be kind and help others.  Treat others with great respect.  If you do, maybe I’ll invite you to be part of the super hero team in Colorado Springs.  Or, I heard we need some more ninja’s around.  I think some moved to Denver and so they need you to join the club.  But, only the very kind and respectful kids get to be super hero’s and ninja’s.  Girls, if you don’t like super hero’s and ninja’s I’m pretty sure the super hero kingdom needs a few princesses.  I had a blast hanging with Lightning. Thank you!!  Aaron Ramsay

See you in a few days!


Thunder Learns What a Biomedical Test Engineer Does

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Dear Mrs. Crosby and class,

I spent the day with Thunder. It was a pleasure! Please find the answers to my report below:

  1. What is your job?  My job is a biomedical test engineer for medical devices (primarily orthopaedic devices – knee replacements, hip replacements, spinal implants, etc.).  My company, Empirical Testing Corp. (ETC), provides the mechanical testing to companies in the medical industry to assist in the regulatory approval (FDA) for the devices to be used.
  2. Do you provide goods or services? Empirical Testing Corp. provides the service of mechanical testing
  3. Is your job located in the city, suburbs or rural community?  Empirical Testing Corp. is located off of Garden of the Gods Road, in Colorado Springs; so in the city.
  4. How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties? Empirical Testing Corp.’s clients are all over the world (international) and none are local.  The only interaction with other members of the community is hiring of our vendors – such as accountants, lawyers, computer support.
  5. How does your job support our community?  Empirical Testing Corp. provides community support by hiring more local people as the company grows and participating in community events (Bike to Work, etc.)
  6. What would happen if your job did not exist in our community? If ETC did not reside in Colorado Springs, those employees would have to find work somewhere else, either in Colorado Springs, or another location.

What an interesting day I had, boys and girls! It was my first time at ETC and I learned so much. See you next time!

Thunder T. Bear.







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