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Posted on Monday, February 16th, 2015 at 2:50 pm

Hello everyone,
It’s me again. This time I was able to see two of our parents working at the same time, as they both work out of their homes! Read my report below to see what Luke’s parents do in our community.

Thunder with the Luke's family.

Thunder with Luke’s family.

Luke’s dad, Dr. Jack Wetterer, has had a fun career as an astrophysicist both teaching and researching how the universe works. Right now he works at home as a scientist studying satellites . He interacts with other members of his company and customers via e-mail, telephone conferences, and occasional trips to Hawaii where his company is located. Outside his office is a deck where he can set up his telescope that he’s had since he was a boy. He showed me how the telescope works.

Luke’s mom, Connie Wetterer, is mainly an at-home mom, which she loves. She’s a published artist and writer and also does ministry work. She showed me her home art studio. She believes that artists are the guardians of what is beautiful in our world and wants to inspire creativity in everyone. She showed me a book she’s writing and illustrating from the stories her dad shared about his World War experiences.

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