Lightning Helps Teach Literacy

Posted on Monday, February 16th, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Hello Cool Cats,

Lightning was an excellent intern for Miranda’s mom, who has the super-fun job of teaching kids to read at their homes and the public libraries.



Their first student’s family was stuck in traffic, so Lightning and Miranda’s mom passed the time soaking in some sun on the porch.  Then Lightning started reading Polar Bears at Bedtime.  

Next, they headed to the library to read with kids there.  Lightning wanted to read some stories about cold weather animals.  She thought the book about penguins was the most interesting.  Here are some fun facts that Lightning learned about penguins:

  • All penguins live between the equator and the South Pole.
  • They spend most of their lives IN water, with the rest of their time spent on islands, coasts and even icebergs.
  • They can swim about 15 mph.
  • When on land, penguins live in large colonies with thousands or even millions of other penguins.
  • Mother and father penguins take turns keeping their eggs warm.

Lightning also wanted to share a joke she learned about penguins:  What is a penguin’s favorite food?  An ice burger!

After reading time at the library was finished, Lightning picked out a pack of gum she would chew back in Mrs. Crosby’s class.  

Then, it was time for Miranda to be picked up from ballet class.  Lightning and Miranda enjoyed telling each other about their evenings.

Our family was happy to host Lightning at our home.  She is a great teaching assistant and an even better friend! Thank you to Mrs. Crosby for being such a good mentor!

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