Thunder Learns What a Microchip Architect Does

Posted on Monday, February 16th, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Hello Cool Cats,

Today I spent the day with Zac T.’s dad. I learned a lot about that tiny little chip inside of computers! It was very interesting. He answered our questions below:

Thunder at work with Mr. Tabor.

Thunder at work with Mr. Tabor.

1.  I am a microchip architect.  Microchips are the parts inside computers that make them work, and I supervise a team of engineers that design microchips.

2.  My company provides microchips to companies that build special computers that make the internet work.

3.  My job is located in Colorado Springs, although I also work from home often and sometimes travel to other cities as part of my job.

4.  I talk with people that work for other companies that buy our microchips.  Those other companies are our customers.

5.  The company I work for supports our community by providing jobs for about 25 people.

6.  If my job did not exist in our community, my family would have to move to a different city.

See you after my next job!
Thunder T. Bear

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