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Lightning Learns About Billboards

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Lightning working with Taylor’s mom.

Hello Cool Cats!

I went to work with Taylor McCann’s mom today at Outfront Media. It is a billboard company that has billboards and outdoor advertising panels worldwide! Taylor’s mom sells the advertising space on these billboards to local companies (such as the Broadmoor, the Air Force Academy, Cliff Dwellings Museum) as well as national brands (such as Pepsi, Toyota, and Geico). Taylor’s mom works from home, but sometimes has to go into the office in Denver. She is on the phone a lot with people interested in advertising, and she emails proposals out all day long. She sells billboards all over Colorado (and also sells into other markets like LA and New York) so she has to travel sometimes. By providing and avenue for advertising, local business can promote themselves and get residents in their doors or buying their products. Taylor’s mom also helps make sure that the advertising messages are “in good taste” and in good condition, so that the billboards don’t make our community look junky. I enjoyed my day selling billboards and got lots of attention and love at the McCann house. I look forward to returning to DCC tomorrow and going on a new adventure!

See you soon,


Lightning’s First Job is in Construction

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Hello Cool Cats, it’s Lightning!
I am so happy to be back assisting Mrs. Crosby in teaching you about Communities. I spent this internship with Ava’s dad at his construction firm. I learned so much. Please read the answers to our questions below for more information.


Lightning checks out the office.

Lightning checks out the office.

My name is Gabe Godwin, I’m Ava’s Dad.  I’m President of Colorado Structures Inc., a General Contractor, with our Headquarters in Colorado Springs.

We provide construction services to clients like Sprouts, Home Depot, Lowes, and other Developers that need buildings built.

My job is mainly in the city, we build buildings in 18 western states including Alaska and Hawaii.  I have to travel to a lot of different states where we are building.

We are involved in each community we have offices in, which are Irvine, CA., Portland, OR., and Colorado Springs, CO.  We are involved in the local communities by volunteering and donating to local charities.  We also are involved with the Cities building officials because we work together to get pieces of land approved to build on, they also inspect and approve the buildings we build.

We support the local communities by building and developing buildings for clients that provide goods and services, for example grocery stores, hardware stores, doctor offices.

If there were no one to build buildings, the local communities would have no buildings for people to go and buy goods and services.  We also retro fit and remodel old buildings, if we did not do this, there would be a lot of old buildings that would not be safe.

Attached are pictures of Lightning working at my desk, taking a copy of herself and reading plans at our plan table.

Thank you, it was a pleasure working with Lightning, please let me know if you need anything else.

Lightning and Mr. Godwin

Thunder Interns at Lockheed Martin

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Hello Cool Cats!

Thunder at Lockheed Martin

Thunder at Lockheed Martin

Baer asked me to take Thunder to work and take some pictures with him.  So, here’s the set of pictures with Thunder.  Since I was the picture taker, there are no pictures with me.

You’ll see pictures of Thunder with my boss, my admin, co-workers, the “cube country” where my team sits and in my office.  As a Program Manager at Lockheed Martin, when Lockheed Martin signs a contract with a customer, I’m responsible for execution of that contract to deliver the goods and/or services over a specific period of time within a given budget of money.  I’m responsible for communicating with the customer, managing their expectations and ensuring my team’s work will meet the terms and timeline of the contract.

Thank you,
Mr. Bergmier and Thunder

Thunder Takes to the Skies

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Hello again, to Mrs. Crosby, and to the coolest first graders in all of Colorado!  
It’s Thunder the Teaching Assistant, back with another report about a fun intern experience I had with Tyler Willard’s Dad this past week.
Tyler’s Dad is a pilot for the largest airline in the world, United Airlines.  He is currently assigned to fly a big airplane called the Airbus A-320.  This airplane seats 150 passengers, and flies to most big airports in the United States, and to other destinations as far south as South and Central America, and as far north as Alaska!  I found out a lot of cool things about being a pilot, and I got to see and do some neat things too!
Thunder with the flight crew.

Thunder with the flight crew.


Mr. Willard sits in the cockpit during the flight.  The cockpit, also known as the flight deck, is at the front end of the plane.  There are two pilots.  A Captain, and a First Officer.  They share their flying and non-flying duties, alternating every other flight.  I found out some interesting things when I was able to sit with them before and during the flight.


Prior to their flight, they plan the routing, check weather reports, make decisions about mechanical issues and fuel loading, and then head to the gate on the concourse where the airplane is

Thunder helps the ground crew.

Thunder helps the ground crew.

parked.  Before they leave to go fly, one of the pilots goes out and inspects the plane.  This is called a pre-flight inspection to ensure there is nothing damaged or leaking that might affect the safety of all the passengers.  I took some pictures of me sitting on the Tug, which pushes the airplane back from the gate.  I also helped the ramp people load some mail and luggage, and helped Tyler’s Dad inspect the all the plane’s parts.  Those engines sure are big!  While all the people were getting on the plane, I watched the pilots set up all the computers and controls, and then it was time to go!


My trip started on Friday night very late, and lasted 4 days.  We visited cities in Florida like Orlando, where Disney World is, and Mickey Mouse lives.  We also got to visit the Atlantic Ocean in Ft. Lauderdale, which had a really nice beach.  Then we got to see Chicago which is up north in Illinois, and then finally back to Denver.  Airplanes fly at all hours of the day and night, and our first flight left Denver at Midnight, after all of you were already asleep.  We flew all the way to New York City, and landed at 5:30 in the morning.  The sun wasn’t even up yet!  I was so sleepy when we landed.  We flew at 38,000 feet above the ground.  That is more than 7 miles up in the sky.  We flew really fast, sometimes going more than 600 miles per hour.  That is the same as traveling 1 mile, every 6 seconds!  Some other cool things I learned about his plane…When they take off, they sometimes weigh almost 170,000 pounds, and carry as much as 43,000 pounds of gas!

Thunder takes a well-deserved break.

Thunder takes a well-deserved break.

I learned that pilots and airplanes make it much easier for all of us to get to almost anywhere we want to go.  Aviation, which involves all types of aircraft, also provides other critical services for our community in so many ways.  Can any of you give me some examples of different kinds of jobs pilots do?

Remember, aviation does not include only airline jets, but also propeller planes and helicopters.  Aircraftcan help us get to far away places like England and China, or to closer places like Aspen or Vail a lot faster than driving or taking a boat.  Pilots and their aircraft perform all sorts of other duties, too.  Police can use aviation to arrest bad guys by flying above them when they try to get away.  Doctors can use aviation to carry a hurt person to the hospital really fast, and we can even use aviation to help us fight fires or monitor traffic jams!  Of course, we cannot forget the brave pilots in our military, who protect us from bad people and keep our country safe.
After spending four days flying around with Tyler’s Dad, I learned a lot of things about being a pilot and what they do.  It is a very rewarding job, because pilots help bring our big world much closer together, so everyone can visit those people and family members they want to see.  Fire fighters use pilots, as do hospitals, police departments, the post office, and our military.  I learned that boys and girls can be pilots.  I was also reminded by the pilots I met how important it is for you kids to always do your best in school.
Thanks for this opportunity to tell you a little about being a pilot.  I hope you enjoyed reading my research report.

Thunder gets the best view ever!

Thunder gets the best view ever!

Dr. Thunder T. Bear

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My job this past week was a service job, and I interned as a dentist at Briargate Dental Center.  I also was a patient, and had an exam from Dr. Baumgardner.
My job is in the city of Colorado Springs; I have patients from the city, suburbs, and the rural community.  I interact with patients from all over the community, helping them to maintain a clean mouth.  If they have any problems (like a cavity, a cracked tooth, or tooth pain), I help them out.  If they need any additional services, I will refer them to a dental specialist.  For example, if they need braces, they would go see an orthodontist; if they have issues with their gums, they would go to a periodontist; if they need surgery on or in their mouth, they will see an oral surgeon; if a patient has problems with the roots of their teeth, they would go see an endodontist.
There are several hygienists at Briargate Dental Center, and they are the ones who clean teeth and take x-rays of your teeth.  An assistant helps Dr. Baumgardner when he is working on a patients teeth.  The assistant helps clean the dental tools, hand Dr. Baumgardner tooth instruments (tools), and explain to the patients what type of work they need or are going to have.
If dentists did not exist in our community, most people would have terrible teeth, and may have lots of pain.  It is so important to take care of your teeth at home – brush and floss twice a day – and it is also important to visit the dentist for a cleaning and check up, two times a year.  A dentist can make sure your teeth and mouth are healthy, which is necessary to make sure you whole body is healthy!

Thunder Goes Virtual

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Thunder learning how to be a Virtual Assistant for Mr. Hughes.

Thunder learning how to be a Virtual Assistant for Mr. Hughes.

Hello class. It seems that I have been doing a lot of work on the computer these last few weeks. I have learned, though, that computer work is different for different types of jobs. The job I did this week allows people to connect when they otherwise could not. Mr. Hughes, Sam’s dad, taught me a lot!

Mr. Hughes is a virtual assistant.  He provides a service.  Mr. Hughes works for a man who helps people sell houses.  That man lives in North Carolina, and Mr. Hughes lives in Colorado.  Mr. Hughes works at his house.  He uses his computer, calls people on the phone, and sends documents to banks.  The headset on Thunder’s head is part of a phone.  Mr. Hughes helps people in communities all over the United States, not just our community.  He helps our community because with the money he makes, he buys goods and services from people in our community.  Thunder and Mr. Hughes got to decide when they ate lunch and what time they stopped working that day.  It was cool to be able to choose when they worked, but Mr. Hughes and Thunder had to get their work done before they played.

Until next week!


Lightning Learns About Insurance

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Hello everyone. This week I spent some quality time with the Edgin family. With all of our snow days, I got to meet everyone in the family and intern with Lauren’s dad. It was great!

What is your job? Genworth Financial

Mr. Edgin takes some time out to visit with Lauren and Lightning

Mr. Edgin takes some time out to visit with Lauren and Lightning

Do you provide a service or good? I provide mortgage insurance to local, regional, and national banks and credit unions. Mortgage insurance is like auto or home insurance. It is a small slice of the big pie of different insurances available, but very important. We help people get into homes and keep them there, and we offer protection to the mortgage lender. Insurance is a good.

Is your job located in the city, suburb, or rural community? I work from home. Depending on where the bank or credit union is located I travel in my car throughout the state of Colorado and Wyoming to visit my accounts in cities, suburbs, and rural communities. Most of my work is done in the city of Colorado Springs and Denver. I am given a company car to  travel and my company pays for my car mileage, gas, cell phone, laptop computer, and other expenses that I have while working at home. I have a lot of flexibility to create my schedule during the day and I come and go as needed from my home office to build my business and develop important relationships.

Mr. Edgin speaks with a client.

Mr. Edgin speaks with a client.

How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties? I like to personally visit my accounts in person. I usually meet them for a meeting in their locations and conduct training.  I like to have lunch and dinner meetings which are great ways to discuss business while developing relationships. I also attend National Trade Conventions where we discuss and are informed of new products and market trends within the Mortgage Industry. I also spend a lot of time on the phone talking with individuals and having conference calls with other coworkers from all over the nation.

How does your job support our community? We help families and individuals feel good about buying a home. Home buyers create a safe and healthy community to live in especially in a market that is hard for families and individuals to get by in. Our company also reaches out to the community through our Reach Out Helping Hands program and participate in many service projects around the nation throughout the year. For several years, I have been able to volunteer my time in programs such as the Special Olympics and reconstructing new homes for families in poverty. I have always loved participating in these service projects that help the community. It makes me feel really good.

What would happen if your job did not exist in our community? I think there would many individuals and families that would not be able to benefit from the privilege of home ownership.

Until next time,


Thunder Works From Home

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Hi Class!
Whoa, let me first begin by telling you go hug your Mom or Dad if they stay at home. Their job is not easy!! Today seemed to go by so quickly; let me tell you everything I did with Delaney’s Dad.
Lightning dropping everyone off for another great day at DCC.

Lightning dropping everyone off for another great day at DCC.

First we drove to pick up a couple neighbors to drive them to school, but before Delaney and her friend were able to be dropped off we drove Delaney’s brother, Darby, to the home of one of his School in the Woods classmates so he could catch a ride with their Mom. We then proceeded to DCC to drop off Delaney and her friend Kaela. By this time I thought we were going home, but I heard a voice in the back seat! It was Kaela’s sister Lydia! I tried to tell Delaney’s Dad that we forgot to drop her off at DCC but it was hard to get his attention, he was so focused on the road. I guess he knew what he was doing because we stopped at a home

Lightning getting some coffee for Mr. Behnken to start the day.

Lightning getting some coffee for Mr. Behnken to start the day.

nearby and he walked Lydia to the door. Seeing only him walk back to the truck, I, Lightning T. Bear, figured out on my own that she was dropped off at a friends home. It turns out she is in afternoon Kindergarten with Mrs. Smiley!

One thing that all adults require is COFFEE! I helped Delaney’s Dad make coffee soon after we returned from

Making sure the everyone has clean clothes.

Making sure the everyone has clean clothes.

dropping the kids off. See my picture? Maybe someday I will be a Barista! While that was brewing, Delaney’s Dad brought me down to the laundry room; your clothes don’t get cleaned magically you know! See how I got to pour in the laundry soap?!

I learned that Delaney’s Dad is as 95% stay-at-home Dad and a 5% small business owner. After a quick cup of coffee we were both off to his office to check emails! He gets a lot! I should know, I saw them with my own eyes! See me? phew. He said he loves it though. He owns a consulting firm which helps companies with their online

Lightning checking emails with Mr. Behnken.

Lightning checking emails with Mr. Behnken.

branding, local marketing, social networks and community partnerships. It keeps him busy during the day when the kids are in school.

After all of the emails were addressed, we were back in the basement, this time to have some fun! Weeee – see me vacuuming?! It was like being at the Rodeo!
Weeee........ cleaning really can be fun!

Weeee…….. cleaning really can be fun!

Today I was able to look through their cookbook to be able to answer the question, “What’s for dinner?!” You can BEARly see me behind the big book! Can you find me?

Once I planned dinner we were off to the grocery store – buckled for safety! We had to move quickly through the

Lightning and Mrs. Behnken after a very busy day.

Lightning and Mrs. Behnken after a very busy day.

store because it was almost time to pick up Delaney along with her two friends from this morning, then drive another 15 minutes to Darby’s school in Black Forest!

After we finally made it home – Delaney’s Dad still had a smile on his face…Delaney took this picture of her Dad and me. I like it! Well, time to make dinner! Have a great evening everyone!!! See you tomorrow!

Lightning Works in a Small Business

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What a week I had. I spent several days with Mrs. Martinez, Carlita’s Mom, learning all about her business and actually creating a personalized product just for me! Mrs. Martinez provided me with a write up of exactly what we did, since I was working hard and could not record the steps myself. Read below for her letter:


Lightning T. Bear was a great help in my business. We even had some time to make Lightning her very own personalized clothes.

I am the owner of Dream Lake Designs, we make promotional and personalized products for customers. Promotional products are purchased by companies to help advertise their business. Personalized products are items that a customer can put their own design or name on a product. We create products with an embroidery and sublimation.  

Step 1:  — See picture
First we have to design the product our customer wants.  Lightning did a wonderful job on designing her outfits.  We use 2 different programs to design items to be embroidery and sublimated.

Lightning creating the 2nd design.

Lightning creating the 2nd design.

Step 2:See Picture

My Embroidery Machine has 16 needle and can do up to 1600 stitches per minute. Since it is so loud and running fast, Lightning and I agreed that we had to turn the speed down. Lightning had over 100 colors to pick from but we tried a new thread that I received, it glows in the dark!  Now my head is filled with new designs for the Glow In The Dark Thread. Fun Times



Sublimation — See Picture
I printed out the design Lightning created and the first thing she told me was “it is backwards”.  I was happy that she was paying very close attention. Then I explained to her that when it prints out on the paper it is backwards, but when we press it onto the shirt it is the correct way. I have to make sure that Lightning didn’t get too close to the heat press because it was set for 400 degrees and she could have really hurt herself.








Step 3: Picture
The last and final step is to make sure that the product came out great, and since I had such a great helper they came out wonderful.

Step 3 Finished


Good or Service:
We provide both a service and goods.  Service when a customer brings me a blank item for me to decorate.  Goods when I purchase the blank item and put the design on it.  Sometimes this really gets confusing.

Carlita is lucky because she gets to see the items I create since I work out of our suburban home. 

I help our school community by doing fundraisers. We created Lightning’s brother, Thunder, and sister, Cloud, to help raise money for new playground equipment. If we didn’t help our school community we would have less money for the playground. 

Lightning was a big help today and had a lot of fun. I think she would be a great designer. I might need to call on her sometimes when I need help with designs.

 Take Care,

Mrs. Martinez

Interview with Michael Johnson — Director of Sales

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Hello Class!

This weekend I spent some time with Michael Johnson, Marc’s dad. Mr. Johnson works in the gas software industry. I interviewed him for my first report of the year:

  • What is your job?
    My job is Director of Sales in the oil and gas software industry.
  • Do you provide goods or a service?
    Thunder interviewing Mr. Johnson, Director of Sales

    Thunder interviewing Mr. Johnson, Director of Sales

    I provide goods and services. I provide software to help gas and oil company’s stay competitive in the market place. I provide services by training other sales people to help them become the best sales executives they can be.

  • Where is your job located?
    My job is located in the city of Colorado Springs.
  • How do you interact with other members of our community?
    I interact with other members of our community by teaching those in the oil and gas industry about software to help their business stay competitive to help our economy grow. I also train other sales members how to sell in the most effective way.
  • How does your job support our community?
    My job supports our community by helping our economy stay productive and growing. It helps determine what the price of gas is that everyday people buy all the time.
  • What would happen if your job did not exist?
    If my job did not exist in our community it would mean that there would be less information in our world about technology, specifically software, and the ability that software has to make our lives better.

I can’t wait for my next internship! This year is starting off great.

Thunder T. Bear


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