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Lightning Spends the Day at a Sports Facility

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We were happy to have Lightning with us this weekend at the Colorado Sports Center!Sherman_Lightning
We own and operate the facility.

The Colorado Sports and Events Center is Southern Colorado’s premier facility for sports and entertainment.  We offer multiple sporting activities in two separate buildings – an NHL sized ice rink and a NEW second (200 Ft X 85 Ft) Ice rink as well as 365 Performance, a sports specific training facility. The Colorado Sports and Events Center is located in Monument, Colorado just north of Colorado Springs and only 20 minutes from Castle Rock.

    Colorado Sports and Events Center

    16240 Old Denver Hwy.

    Monument, CO 80132

Mission Statement

To provide the Front Range Community with exceptional, year-round, multi-sport programs and services to enhance competitive performance, fitness and quality of life.

  About Us

The Colorado Sports Center was founded in 2006, filling the void left by the closure of the ice rink housed in the Chapel Hills mall.  The founders sought to accommodate the local interest in on-ice sports in our community and provide a new source of family-friendly entertainment.  CSC is the proud home to many organizations which positively impact our community through sport. We also work diligently to provide all levels of play at all ages in the sports we offer, from Learn-to-Play programs to elite training programs for experienced athletes.  CSC facilities provide Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Curling, Broomball, Public Skating, Birthday Parties, as well as group and corporate events, strength and agility training, church & school fundraisers, team building and more.

Thunder Learns What a Biomedical Test Engineer Does

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Dear Mrs. Crosby and class,

I spent the day with Thunder. It was a pleasure! Please find the answers to my report below:

  1. What is your job?  My job is a biomedical test engineer for medical devices (primarily orthopaedic devices – knee replacements, hip replacements, spinal implants, etc.).  My company, Empirical Testing Corp. (ETC), provides the mechanical testing to companies in the medical industry to assist in the regulatory approval (FDA) for the devices to be used.
  2. Do you provide goods or services? Empirical Testing Corp. provides the service of mechanical testing
  3. Is your job located in the city, suburbs or rural community?  Empirical Testing Corp. is located off of Garden of the Gods Road, in Colorado Springs; so in the city.
  4. How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties? Empirical Testing Corp.’s clients are all over the world (international) and none are local.  The only interaction with other members of the community is hiring of our vendors – such as accountants, lawyers, computer support.
  5. How does your job support our community?  Empirical Testing Corp. provides community support by hiring more local people as the company grows and participating in community events (Bike to Work, etc.)
  6. What would happen if your job did not exist in our community? If ETC did not reside in Colorado Springs, those employees would have to find work somewhere else, either in Colorado Springs, or another location.

What an interesting day I had, boys and girls! It was my first time at ETC and I learned so much. See you next time!

Thunder T. Bear.






Thunder Takes to the Skies

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Hello again, to Mrs. Crosby, and to the coolest first graders in all of Colorado!  
It’s Thunder the Teaching Assistant, back with another report about a fun intern experience I had with Tyler Willard’s Dad this past week.
Tyler’s Dad is a pilot for the largest airline in the world, United Airlines.  He is currently assigned to fly a big airplane called the Airbus A-320.  This airplane seats 150 passengers, and flies to most big airports in the United States, and to other destinations as far south as South and Central America, and as far north as Alaska!  I found out a lot of cool things about being a pilot, and I got to see and do some neat things too!
Thunder with the flight crew.

Thunder with the flight crew.


Mr. Willard sits in the cockpit during the flight.  The cockpit, also known as the flight deck, is at the front end of the plane.  There are two pilots.  A Captain, and a First Officer.  They share their flying and non-flying duties, alternating every other flight.  I found out some interesting things when I was able to sit with them before and during the flight.


Prior to their flight, they plan the routing, check weather reports, make decisions about mechanical issues and fuel loading, and then head to the gate on the concourse where the airplane is

Thunder helps the ground crew.

Thunder helps the ground crew.

parked.  Before they leave to go fly, one of the pilots goes out and inspects the plane.  This is called a pre-flight inspection to ensure there is nothing damaged or leaking that might affect the safety of all the passengers.  I took some pictures of me sitting on the Tug, which pushes the airplane back from the gate.  I also helped the ramp people load some mail and luggage, and helped Tyler’s Dad inspect the all the plane’s parts.  Those engines sure are big!  While all the people were getting on the plane, I watched the pilots set up all the computers and controls, and then it was time to go!


My trip started on Friday night very late, and lasted 4 days.  We visited cities in Florida like Orlando, where Disney World is, and Mickey Mouse lives.  We also got to visit the Atlantic Ocean in Ft. Lauderdale, which had a really nice beach.  Then we got to see Chicago which is up north in Illinois, and then finally back to Denver.  Airplanes fly at all hours of the day and night, and our first flight left Denver at Midnight, after all of you were already asleep.  We flew all the way to New York City, and landed at 5:30 in the morning.  The sun wasn’t even up yet!  I was so sleepy when we landed.  We flew at 38,000 feet above the ground.  That is more than 7 miles up in the sky.  We flew really fast, sometimes going more than 600 miles per hour.  That is the same as traveling 1 mile, every 6 seconds!  Some other cool things I learned about his plane…When they take off, they sometimes weigh almost 170,000 pounds, and carry as much as 43,000 pounds of gas!

Thunder takes a well-deserved break.

Thunder takes a well-deserved break.

I learned that pilots and airplanes make it much easier for all of us to get to almost anywhere we want to go.  Aviation, which involves all types of aircraft, also provides other critical services for our community in so many ways.  Can any of you give me some examples of different kinds of jobs pilots do?

Remember, aviation does not include only airline jets, but also propeller planes and helicopters.  Aircraftcan help us get to far away places like England and China, or to closer places like Aspen or Vail a lot faster than driving or taking a boat.  Pilots and their aircraft perform all sorts of other duties, too.  Police can use aviation to arrest bad guys by flying above them when they try to get away.  Doctors can use aviation to carry a hurt person to the hospital really fast, and we can even use aviation to help us fight fires or monitor traffic jams!  Of course, we cannot forget the brave pilots in our military, who protect us from bad people and keep our country safe.
After spending four days flying around with Tyler’s Dad, I learned a lot of things about being a pilot and what they do.  It is a very rewarding job, because pilots help bring our big world much closer together, so everyone can visit those people and family members they want to see.  Fire fighters use pilots, as do hospitals, police departments, the post office, and our military.  I learned that boys and girls can be pilots.  I was also reminded by the pilots I met how important it is for you kids to always do your best in school.
Thanks for this opportunity to tell you a little about being a pilot.  I hope you enjoyed reading my research report.

Thunder gets the best view ever!

Thunder gets the best view ever!

Thunder Creates A T-Shirt

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Hello everyone!

It’s Thunder, and I’m back with another interesting job from our community. I have spent the last few days with Nick and his mother’s home-based business, Dream Lake Designs. It was really cool to see a business work so well out of someone’s home. Mrs. Martinez even made me a new hat so that I can stay warm this winter! I was so tired from all of the work I did, Mrs. Martinez files my report for me. I hope you learn a lot from it.

See you soon!

Thunder T. Bear



Thunder T. Bear was a great help in my business. We even had some time to make Thunder his own hat since it has been so cold.

I am the owner of Dream Lake Designs, we make promotional and personalized products for customers. Promotional products are purchased by

Step 1

Step 1

companies to help advertise their business. Personalized products are items that a customer can put their own design or name on a product. We create products with an embroidery and sublimation.

Step 1:  – see picture
First we have to design the product our customer wants.  Thunder did a wonderful job on designing Briargate Preschool Bumble Bee Shirts.  We use 2 different programs to design items to be embroidery and sublimated.

Step 2 see picture
Order Product
The customer approved the design so we had to order the clothes that we were going to put the Briargate Bumble Bee Design on.  This always takes a lot time because we have to make sure we don’t forget to purchase any shirts.   I was glad Thunder was here to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Step 3: — see picture

Step 2

Step 2

My Embroidery Machine has 16 needle and can do up to 1600 stitches per minute. Since it is so loud and running fast, Thunder and I agreed that we had to turn the speed down. Thunder found the colors that would work best for the Bumble Bee.

Sublimation – See Picture
I printed out the hat design and the first thing he told me was “it is backwards”.  I was happy that he was paying very close attention. Then I explained to him that when it prints out on the paper it is backwards, but when we press it onto the shirt it is the correct way. I have to make sure that Thunder didn’t get too close to the heat press because it was set for 400 degrees and he could have really hurt himself.  Then I had to sew his hat together and make sure there were holes for his ears.

Good or Service:
We provide both a service and goods.  Service when a customer brings me a blank item for me to decorate.  Goods when I purchase the blank item and put the design on it.  Sometimes this really gets confusing.

Nicolas is lucky because he gets to see the items I create since I work out of our suburban home.  And he also gets to create his own design, like his coffee mug from Christmas.

Step 3

Step 3

I help our school community by doing fundraisers. We created Thunder and his sister, Cloud, to help raise money for new playground equipment. If we didn’t help our school community we would have less money for the playground.

Thunder was a huge help today and had a lot of fun. I think he would be a great designer. I might need to call on him sometimes when I need help with designs and picking out the right thread colors..

Take Care,

Mrs. Martinez

Thunder and Lightning are Ready to Teach Again!

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Look Out Colorado Springs,
the Bear Teaching Assistants are Back and Looking for Work!


Welcome to our Blog. We are Mrs. Crosby’s Teaching Assistants, Thunder and Lightning. This blog is a diary that chronicles our research into the jobs that shape our community. Our supervisor, Mrs. Crosby, has asked us to take on some internships at different jobs and research answers to the following questions:

  • What is your job?
  • Do you provide goods or a service?
  • Is your job located in the city, suburbs or rural community?
  • How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties?
  • How does your job support our community?
  • What would happen if your job did not exist in our community?
  • We will be working hard and sending in reports every few days.

Feel free to follow along and post questions or comments. Browse through our blog to see what we learned last year.

Thunder Works in Special Forces

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Hello Everyone,

It’s Thunder and after a little rest I am ready to file some reports again. Recently I went to work with Mr. Hollingsworth, Tate’s dad. He has a very interesting job with the US Army.

Thunder: What is your job?
Officer. H: I am a Special Forces Officer in the United States Army.

Thunder checking out military transportation.

Thunder checking out military transportation.

Thunder: What do you do in this position?
Officer. H: I provide a service to all citizens by defending the Constitution of the United States.

Thunder: Where is your job located?
Officer. H: I am stationed at Fort Carson (approximately 25 miles south of DCC), but I perform my job all over the world.

Thunder: What would happen if your job did not exist?
Officer. H: I am not sure how the freedoms in our community would look like, if my job did not exist.

Thunder: How do you interact with our community?
Officer: H: Since I have been performing my job, I have been deployed all over the US for training, Kuwait, Africa, Afghanistan (numerous times), Iraq and just got back from a trip to Germany.

I have a tough job and sacrifice greatly, but the entire family sacrifices as well.  Without them, I could not do my job.

I never realized just how many different jobs our military has until I started working for Mrs. Crosby reporting on our community. Every year I seem to come across a new job, like I did with Tate’s dad today. With each military job I learn about, the more I appreciate all they do.

Until next time,

Thunder T. Bear




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