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Thunder T. Bear is Back! He Meets a Dentist

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Hello Cool Cats! It has been a long year waiting for another chance to do an internship with one of our parents. I was so excited to get assigned to Dr. Allan, a Dentist in our community. During my day with him, I conducted an interview. I hope these answers help you understand why Dentist’s are an important part of our community.


What is your job?  

Thunder Bear gets a checkup at Dr. Allan's Office.

Thunder Bear gets a checkup at Dr. Allan’s Office.

I’m a general dentist.

Do you provide goods or a service?
I am a health care provider who helps people keep their mouths healthy and free of disease.

Is your job located in the city, suburbs or rural community?
My office is located in the city.

How do you interact with other members of our community in your job duties?
I serve on a local dental board which helps patients and other member dentists.  Not only do I help patients in my office, but I also help provide care to some patients who are unable to afford dental care via community events.  Both services are very rewarding.

How does your job support our community?
I help keep people pain free and have a healthy mouth.

What would happen if your job did not exist in our community?
People would end up having cavities and likely not have teeth over years of no dental care.  This would make eating very difficult.

More information…
Since Lightning was at Dr. Allan’s office, he decided to have his tooth fixed.  Apparently Lightning ate too much candy over winter break and was not brushing his teeth well.  Dr. Allan numbed Lightning’s tooth and fixed his cavity.  Lightning feels much better now, and learned a better way to brush and floss his teeth.


I can’t wait to see who I intern with next. Until then,
Your thunder friend,

Lignting T. Bear


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